We all know that garages are a great place to store vehicles, decorations, tools, and those items you no longer have a need for but just can’t bear to part with. But did you know your garage can also be a great space for socialising with family and friends? If you have ever felt that your home is too small to comfortably host people, or your rooms are too tight for a relaxed atmosphere, you might want to follow the steps below and turn your garage into the perfect place to watch the big game, play a round of poker, or even host a party.

  1. You can’t party with cars in the way! Leave the cars on the driveway or park on the street to increase the amount of space available.
  2. Declutter the garage. Boxes and garden equipment can be a tripping hazard. Get rid of items no longer needed and ensure that all other items and tools are safely stored out of the way.
  3. Now it is time to prep the party zone! Bring in a television to watch the game, tables for the drinks, chips and dips. A small speaker and a good playlist to get the atmosphere right (can’t go wrong with some Bruce Springsteen, everyone loves The Boss!).
  4. Keep it cool! Lots of bodies is going to raise the temperature. Open the garage door to keep the temperature down.

Parties aren’t just for summer. Consider insulating your garage door to help keep it warm and install a garage threshold seal to keep those unwanted guests (drafts, water, dust, debris and vermin) out. 


And finally...don’t forget to invite Garadry!

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