Different Uses For Garadry Threshold Seals

There’s no doubt that regardless of what type of garage or garage door you have, Garadry’s line of residential and commercial garage door threshold seals are perfect for protecting your garage from invaders that can get through gaps under your door. Our weather stripping seals keep out dirt, water and pests. They also prevent heat or cool air from escaping under your garage door — making your garage more energy-efficient. However, what you might not know is that our threshold seals can do more for you and your home or business. Garadry’s garage door seals can help solve some common problems with a little creativity. Here are a few ideas to consider:


If you have to run extension cords through your home or yard — say you’re using power tools on a home improvement project — those extension cords can become more than a nuisance. Not only do all those cords look less than attractive, but they can be a tripping hazard, as well.

The good news? Garadry’s threshold seals can be modified easily to cover and protect those extension cords. By simply cutting a slit in the bottom of our rubber weatherstripping, an extension cord can be concealed inside, so people won’t trip over it and hurt themselves or accidentally pull it out of the outlet. For heavy-duty applications, our aluminium commercial seals can hide multiple cords and be bolted to the floor to create a permanent solution.


Illuminating your home or adding holiday lights to a tree in your parkway takes electricity, too. It’s unsafe to run a loose cord across a sidewalk or driveway where people will be walking. A Garadry threshold seal can solve the problem, and its placement can be temporary.

Whatever you use Garadry threshold seals for, note the yellow hazard stripes they have to increase visibility. It’s worth pointing out, too, that for both lighting and power tool use, using a Garadry threshold seal not only will reduce the risk of tripping, but it will protect electrical cords from the elements when they’re being used outdoors.


You know that a Garadry threshold seal keeps water out of your garage, but it can also deflect — or contain — water elsewhere. Perhaps you have seepage in the basement and want to prevent the water from going anywhere other than toward your sump pump pit. Our seals can be used to divert water up to 40 mm high. Another example: Picture a roof with no gutters, perhaps on a shed or detached garage. If you don’t want rainwater pouring down on you when you access the doorway, a threshold seal just a few feet long on the roof above the doorway will direct the water away from that entrance — at a fraction of the cost of installing gutters.

If your business has a parking lot where water tends to pool, a threshold seal can help you manage stormwater, diverting it toward a sewer — or keeping some water out of the parking lot altogether. Along the same lines, if you operate a car wash and want to keep water from pouring out of the bays, a threshold seal will prevent that runoff so it drains within the bay where it’s supposed to.

Garadry’s threshold seals are great for protecting your garage from intrusions, but they can do a lot more for you that you may not know. Take a look at our product offerings and see if these ideas can solve problems in your home or business. Or, get inspired to come up with your own unique applications.


A commercial car wash used 4 of our 1 ½” High Garage Door Threshold Seal kits to create an enclosed space for washing cars. This prevented the water from spilling out, and ensured it was contained and directed towards the drainage system.

 Different uses for Garadry Threshold Seals Part 2

This mess is no longer a problem for one customer. 


An enterprising customer saved himself a lot of money on contractor bills by using our ½” High Garage Door Threshold Seal Kit to help create a wet room in his home. With the product being made of vinyl, it does not degrade, crack or wear away as rubber would, making especially useful for a wet room installation. The unique design of Garadry’s Threshold Seals also meant the customer was able to create a watertight seal, keeping the water inside the wet room.



Do you find that your car brings in a lot of water / snow into the garage after a day in bad weather? A previous customer was determined to resolve this problem and used a couple of Garadry Threshold seals to redirect this water back out of the garage by placing a seal parallel to each side of the car. As the water dripped off it was funnelled back towards the door and out of the garage, helping to prevent a build up in moisture and damp.


Garadry thresholds are excellent for:

  • Protecting your garage from rain, water, rodents and dust
  • Protecting cables for power tools and lighting
  • Creating enclosed spaces for car washes
  • Sealing wet rooms
  • Diverting rainwater and snowmelt out of your garage


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