• Garage Door Weather Seals Explained

    Author: Garadry | September 19, 2018

    Your home’s garage door does a lot to protect your property. As the first line of defense against the elements, it blocks most of the weather, debris and pests found outside. However, any gaps in your door provide an opportunity for them to enter your garage. The results can be disastrous. Rain and melting snow can leak under your garage door and soak your belongings. Dirt, leaves and other debris can get inside and make your space a mess. Mice, insects and snakes can find their way into your property, building nests and spreading disease. To make sure your door provides the strongest level of protection against these threats, a garage door weather seal from Garadry is the best choice.


    Types of Garage Door Seals

    There are many varieties of garage door weather stripping, depending on which type of door you have. Although they all provide protection against the elements, they may have weaknesses that could make them ineffective. The level of defense these garage door seals can provide depends on the conditions.


    Bottom Seals

    The most common type of weather stripping on garage doors is the kind attached to the bottom of the door. A retainer made of steel, PVC or aluminum is nailed or bolted to the bottom of the door. Into this retainer is slid a flexible rubber seal. This provides a barrier that seals the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor of the garage.

    For wooden garage doors, bottom seals typically are nailed directly to the lower edge without a retainer. The materials can be either a soft, spongy foam rubber that will conform to the shape of the floor, or a denser variety. The latter is more durable, but it will not form as tight of a seal because it is less flexible. There are other options for wooden doors that utilize the retainer-and-seal configuration found on metal doors.

    No matter the construction, bottom seals can have some limitations. Depending on the materials, they could deteriorate or become worn easily over time. This makes them far less effective. If your garage floor has any irregularities, these weather seals may not provide complete protection.


    Side and Top Seals

    Made of PVC, these seals are attached to the doorjamb around the sides and top of the garage entrance. Although these can close any gaps along those three sides of the door, they won’t prevent anything from getting through gaps along the bottom of the door.


    Threshold Seals

    When used in conjunction with bottom seals, this type of garage door stripping provides strong protection. Threshold seals typically consist of either a strip of flexible material or  rigid aluminum. They are attached to the garage floor with strong adhesives or concrete fixing screws directly behind the garage door. When the garage door is closed, the presence of threshold stripping ensures a tight seal, even if there are irregularities in the floor.

    Shop Garage Door Threshold Seals


    Garadry Provides Superior Protection

    Threshold seals from Garadry improve the security and energy efficiency of your garage. Made of durable vinyl or aluminum, our seal kits close the gap between your garage door and floor. This creates a watertight seal that keeps the elements away and prevents drafts. Our weather stripping kits can be used on garages of all types, whether they are residential or commercial properties.

    Garadry seals also are easy to install. Simply cut them to fit your garage entrance and glue them to the floor. Our high-grade vinyl has the added benefits of being 100 percent recyclable and not deteriorating with prolonged exposure to sunlight or water.

    Browse our site to learn more about our products, and then reach out to us to get weather seals that provide complete protection for your garage.

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